Mesh-Nebuliser m-neb Flow+

Mesh-Nebuliser m-neb flow+

SALVIA m-neb flow+

for every stage of disease


Patients pass through different stages of disease and hospital units on their way to recovery. Whether used for intensive-care ventilation, as part of non-invasive ventilation, for respiratory therapy or in a general ward, the Salvia m-neb flow+ nebuliser is consistently available for targeted drug administration.
The same nebuliser head can be used throughout the process chain – from intensive-care ventilation to therapeutic applications and home therapy.

SALVIA m-neb flow+ works

Bronchodilation, minimizing hypercapnia, or improving the management of secretions – those are common indications for direct drug delivery to the site of action in the lungs. If the medication is to reliably pass into the bloodstream from there, the aerosol droplets must be smaller than 5 micrometres. The droplet size of conventional medication nebulisers is much larger, with a diameter of at least 8 micrometres. This method has been proven to only transfer 1 to 3% of an active substance to the blood. Accordingly, pneumatic nebulization is highly ineffective.

SALVIA m-neb flow+ offers the ideal droplet size for maximum effectiveness

High-frequency ultrasonic pulses transport small volumes of liquid medication through a special membrane. Its micro-structure channels the droplet formation and guarantees a droplet size of less than 4 micrometres in diameter. The drug is transported gently without heating it up. The small droplets pass through the bronchial tree to the pulmonary alveoli for direct deposition at the site of action. 

SALVIA m-neb Flow+ in operation

SALVIA m-neb flow+ offers optimal hygiene and prevents return flow

Ventilator-associated pneumonia is the most common infection in intensive-care medicine and also has the highest mortality rate. Extensive hygiene is the best prevention. The sterile disposable components of Salvia m-neb flow+ avoid cross-contamination and prevent performance losses caused by reprocessing. The device automatically switches off when the medication chamber is empty. The aspiration of contaminated secretions into the empty medication chamber is impossible.

SALVIA m-neb flow+ - inspiration detection for optimal medication deposition

The normal physiological ratio of inspiration and expiration is 1:1.7. Since conventional ultrasonic nebulisers cannot detect inspiration and expiration, they dispense a continuous aerosol flow. Even if the droplet size is right, less than two fifths of an aerosolized medication is therefore delivered to the lungs with the previous generation of devices. The bulk of the medication does not even reach the bronchial tubes, but is returned to the surrounding air with exhalation.
Salvia m-neb flow+ solves this problem: It is the first compact drug nebuliser to feature an inspiratory flow trigger. The medication reaches the pulmonary alveoli practically without loss.

Highest efficiency through flow detection



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