Einstieg in die Premiumklasse!
Einstieg in die Premiumklasse!

elisa 600

Entry to the
premium class!

Medical advance, varying patient disease patterns and changing medical focus of the hospitals have impact on the required ventilation modes and diagnostic possibilities.

elisa 600 enables entry to the premium class of modern respirators with the highest quality of ventilation and extensive measurements. In the balance between financial investment and possible future developments the elisa 600 is the innovative ventilation platform for now and in the future.

elisa 600 intensive respirator

Invasive and non-invasive ventilation for adults and children with a weight of more than 5 kg.


Especially under the stress of critical ventilation situations, a lot of comprehensive and exact information does not reach the respective decision maker. Necessary consequences for diagnosis and therapy are difficult to deduce or be of use during the ward round. The elisa 600 Eventmanager enables easy communication and reproduction of critical situations. When activated the actual respiration display for the last 15 seconds and the next 30 seconds are stored as a video in the trends.

Valve Bar

One patient is done, the next one is waiting: Large numbers of patients and high workloads are part of everyday clinical reality. A dependable and practical hygiene concept can speed things up. Thanks to the valve bar of the elisa 600, patient-side connections can be quickly replaced, effectively preventing cross-contamination. Highly durable long-lived materials guarantee the device’s functionality even under the most demanding conditions such as mechanical impact and repeated autoclaving.

That in turn benefits, patients, staff, and budget alike:
The expiration sensors no longer need to be calibrated and the costly replacement of disposable sensors has been eliminated, which saves time and ensures economical reuse of parts.

Simply smart!

Time is a scarce resource in clinical settings. The increasing workload, frequent critical situations, but also the regular work routines represent enormous challenges for medical personnel. The cumbersome use of complicated devices creates additional problems and also can be a source of error.
High time for innovative technology that clearly displays the required information and offers a structured overview at all times. Simply smart!

Easy Access Bar

The Easy Access Bar of the elisa 600 intensive care ventilator lets you make the desired settings with accuracy and ease, even in stressful situations. The touchscreen operation gives you intuitively understandable and unmistakable feedback on the value settings. Since all numerical values and setting parameters are always arranged in the same location, operation is an easy routine that is not error-prone in high-stress situations.
The absence of conventional control knobs makes operation even easier. The entire surface can be disinfected, allowing for hygienic use with minimal work effort.

Instant View Technology

The Instant View Technology lets you intuitively understand a patient’s situation, with immediate display of any trends and necessary interventions. Discrepancies are visible right away without having to read individual measurement values.

The safety of the elisa 600 intensive care ventilator - Simply safe!

Safe handling means far more than intelligent alarm systems. Six redundant high-performance processors continuously monitor the technical function of the intensive care ventilator. They guarantee that the lifesaving ventilation of the patient continues to work dependably.
Even the failure or inadvertent removal of an operating screen has no impact on continuous ventilation.

Power Management

State-of-the-art power management ensures a safe energy supply even in cases of power failure, voltage fluctuations or lengthy intensive care transports. The intelligent control of the power supply prevents memory effects and makes laborious battery maintenance and complex charging strategies superfluous.

Intelligent Acoustic Alarm system

The intelligent acoustic alarm system automatically adjusts the volume of the alarm to the current noise level of the environment. Together with the intelligent alarm management, this ensures that the necessary alarms are triggered safely and with as little stress as possible, around the clock.

FIO2 Monitoring

Modern procedures allow for unobtrusive FIO2 monitoring without any user involvement. There is no more need for cumbersome calibration or changes of oxygen sensors.


It all starts with the right positive end-expiratory pressure. Numerous studies have documented the need for individual PEEP settings to avoid alveolar complications and improve oxygenation. However, in practical terms, the determination of the optimal end-expiratory pressure is usually complex, involved and frequently even associated with complications. With PEEPfinder™, the determination of the lower inflection point is as easy as setting the respiratory rate.
Thanks to its state-of-the-art sensors and highresolution sampling rate, ViaVent ICU 800 contains the necessary algorithms for the reliable determination of the lower inflection point, and accordingly, the necessary PEEP. The simple display allows for the verifiable review of measurement values and PEEP settings that are not subject to interpretation.


The routine application of weaning protocols has been unsuccessful for practical reasons so far. The process takes a lot of time, a multitude of parameters must be recorded, and the final assessment of the results remains difficult. The new intensive care ventilator elisa 600 puts weaning on a solid footing.
The device combines patient results from structured clinical analysis with real-time data, allowing for the reliable and simple performance of daily weaning protocols and their dependable assessment. The Weaninganalyzer™ accurately determines a patient’s status in the weaning process and generates a dependable prognosis for their readiness for extubation as the best prevention of complications caused by unnecessary long stays on the ventilator.

Ultrasonic Nebulization

Medical aerosol delivery by ultrasonic nebulization is considered the gold standard today. Modern ultrasound technology does not affect ventilation therapy, is almost noiseless and the medication can be refilled during operation.
The nebulization is synchronized with the patient‘s inspiration. Therefore, our technology considerably reduces the amount of medication used without compromising treatment efficiency.
By determining the appropriate particle size, users can define the distribution and, consequently, target aerosol deposition to specific areas. The integrated solution offered by elisa 600 allows direct control from the intensive care respirator and does not require any manual devices.

Display Option

Not only in the case of multi-resistant bacteria or in intensive-burn wards a flexible to mount display unit allows the easy, comfortable and comprehensive operation outside or if required inside the patient’s room.

CO2 Package

Main or side stream sensors complete the finemeshed monitoring of ventilated patients in routine use as well as in emergency situations.

NIV Package

Special algorithms, adjustable bias flow, optimized trigger technologies and the comprehensive leakage compensation remove the necessity for an additional NIV respirator. The high flow module included enables the CPAP therapy to be continued after extubation or in the transition to nasal CPAP.

Loop Package

Configurable loops complete with references offer the basis for differentiated evaluation and deduction of therapy decisions.

Assist Control Package

The high resolution additional sensors allow diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities through abdominal pressure measurement or automatic cuff-control and blockage of tubes and tracheal cannula. The integrated sensor washing option is the requirement for a valid measurement and display of the bedside results.

Platform - Development Path

SALVIA medical® has developed and manufactured user friendly solutions for breathing therapy and intensive ventilation for more than 50 years. Worldwide we belong to the technologically leading suppliers in this field. Our most important aims are safety, comfort, optimal treatment results and easy operation of the equipment. The spectrum of our technologies includes all of the current ventilation techniques as well as equipment for all areas of operation.

elisa 800 and 600 stand for a new generation of modern intensive respirators with high computer performance for diagnosis, analysis, sophisticated user concept, far-reaching hygiene approach for a decrease in nosocomial infections and the flexibility of a ventilation platform with a wide package of optional enhancements for now and the future.

Overview of options

elisa 600 elisa 800 elisa 800 VIT
VIT® - ventilator integrated tomography in combination with elia aIT Option integrated
Integrated nebulizer Option integrated integrated
Assist Comfort Package Option integrated integrated
Second display Option Option
NIV-Package Option integrated integrated
ACV -Automatic Control Ventilation Option integrated integrated
Loop-Package Option integrated integrated
Weaninganalyzer® Option integrated integrated
PEEPfinder® Option integrated integrated
CO2-Package Option Integrated (without sensor) Integrated (without sensor)



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